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Damage Liability Explained

Damage Liability Explained

Standard Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Liability is the term used in the advent you have an accident and damage has occurred to your rental car by you or another party and is the amount you are liable for.

Our STANDARD COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER  is up to %50 less than all our competitors. (See Table below). We offer the best all-round comprehensive cover.

The graph below is what you will be required to pay under the terms of the “agreement of hire” when damage has occurred to your car.  1st Class will definitely refund you if we can recover funds from another Driver of a separate vehicle, “if you are not at fault”.

ALSO -we do not have a clause in our contracts for Single Vehicle Accidents, known as SVA’s. In some competitors waiver policies, (we have seen), if no other car is involved in the accident, an additional surcharge of up to $2500 could be added to your CDW liability, which brings some accident waiver risks up to the amount of $7500 to be made payable. 1st Class Rentals Does Not have SVA accident clauses in our contracts.

We do not believe in adding SVA’s to our terms of the agreements. So be aware of these conditions with other Rental companies.

NOTE: with any Rental company, the waiver cover is not applicable if you have breached the law in the operation of a Motor Vehicle i.e. Gross negligence or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding etc. these will exclude you from this cover. This rule also applies to the Zero Excess cover if gross negligence and other is this cause of the accident.

If you are still not sure what cover suits your needs, please feel free to chat with our staff about the Damage cover, they can explain it in more detail, outlining your best options when renting a car with 1st Class on – 1300 66 8846

We also offer a ZERO RISK LIABILITY for just a little more, please call us to discuss.

 Standard Liability WAIVER
 Pay Daily CDW
 Reduced Liability to
 Avis  $4500  $35  $700
 Hertz  $5500  $35  $700
 Thrifty  $4400  $30  $700
 1st Class-Cars  $2750  $25  $600
1st Class -SUV’s $3800 $25 $600

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