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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to rent a 1st Class Vehicle?

FULL Drivers Licence (Australian or International).

Provisional License and Drivers over 75years are accepted under special conditions, please see this link : Insurance Liability

We also require a valid Credit Card i.e.: Visa, MasterCard and or American Express. We cannot accept Recharge or Travel cards.

We cannot accept a 3rd Parties credit or debit card if they are not present at time of collection of vehicle. We require full authorisation of cardholder prior so to debit their card for the hire. Call office for what is required.

Additional Drivers

Must be nominated by the hirer. One off cost of $10 per additional driver, all additional drivers must sign the contract

Young Drivers (Under 25)

Advertised rates apply to drivers 25 years or older, add $10 per day if hirer OR additional driver is under 25. Also see Damage Responsibility section. Minimum age of hirer or additional driver is 21

Damage Responsibility

Your Damage Responsibility is $500 if all nominated drivers that are over 25 or under 75 otherwise $2000 if any nominated driver is under 25 or over 75


GST is included in advertised rates.

Area of Use

All our Cars and Trucks must be driven on Sealed roads only, No Dirt Roads. Area of use is the East Coast of Australia being the states of Queensland, NSW and Victoria only.

Trucks can be driven to as far as South Australia.

If wanting to drive outside of these states please call our office for updated rates.

Does 1st Class Rentals rates include airport fees, admin fees, stamp duties, vehicle registration fees?

Yes, 1st Class Rentals include all these fees. 1st Class Rentals have tried to make the “hiring” experience as simple as possible. The only extra charge is for Amex cards which incur a 5% fee

I noticed that 90% of companies charge between $20 to $35 per day to reduce the excess from $2750. How much to 1st Class Rentals charge?

Zero, 1st Class Rentals rates are fully inclusive of all fees and excess reduction to $500. (except under 25 & over 75years or commercial vehicles) 1st Class Rentals would rather be upfront with you rather than surprising you when you collect the vehicle.

Is there any charge for booster or baby seats?

Yes, 1st Class Rentals booster and baby seats are supplied at $7.95 per day

Do 1st Class Rentals cars have GPS?

No, however 1st Class Rentals do hire portable GPS for $7.95 per day.

Is there any charge for additional drivers?

Yes a $10 fee is charged for each additional drivers. And all drivers must sign the contract.

Do 1st Class Rentals have roadside assistance?

Yes, 1st Class Rentals cars are covered 24/7 by NRMA

If I lock my keys in the vehicle is there a charge?

Yes, leaving keys in car, losing keys, running out of fuel, leaving lights on that flatten the battery that require a call out to your location by 1st Class or the NRMA, you are required to pay the applicable fees for labour and time. The price can range from a minimum of $90 – $400 depending on the circumstances.

Can we extend our hire?

Yes, you just need to call the 1st Class Rentals office.

Does 1st Class Rentals offer unlimited km’s ?

1st Class Rentals do not offer unlimited km’s We feel the alloted km’s are very generous. If you need to travel outside these zones please contact our the 1st Class Rental office.

Do 1st Class Rental cars have tow bars?

Yes, some of vehicles do have towbars. A $10 per day fee applies, you must contact the1st Class office re-availability of vehicles with towbars.

Is 1st Class Rentals located at Port Macquarie Airport.

Yes, we have the largest booth at the Airport, located next to the baggage collection area. Look for our signs and our advertising TV screen at the Airport.

We are also located at 166 Gordon Street, next to 5 Star Fitness in the Carwash.

Is 1st Class Rentals licensed to operate out of Port Macquarie airport?


Where do I drop the car?

1st Class Rentals has designated parking area at the airport. 1st Class Rentals will give you these instructions when you collect the vehicle.

Where do I meet the 1st Class Rentals representative?

1st Class Rentals representative will meet you at their airport booth located inside the terminal next to the baggage claim door

Is there a bond?

1st Class Rentals will debit your credit card for the amount of $250 on top of your hire fees. This is required in the case you should, return the vehicle damaged, not return the car completely full of fuel or have exceed the daily kilometre allowance.

Please note: Debit card users and overseas clients, we require a higher bond amount.

In most cases for our regular 1st Class clients, no security bond is required.

Can we pay cash for our rental?

No sorry, our insurance company does not allow us to accept cash. Credit or Debit card only, fees and conditions apply.

What credit cards do 1st Class Rentals accept?

MasterCard, Visa and American Express + 5% surcharge

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